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Drink fridges and cabinets in Southeast Queensland

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Drink fridges and cabinets in Southeast Queensland

Drink fridges are an absolute necessity for any retail outlet catering to thirsty customers. If this sounds like your business, you need a glass door drink fridge to showcase your bestselling beverages. We think you'll agree when we say that warm drinks don't go down well. Your success depends on your ability to serve icy cold beverages — on demand, every time.

Drink display fridges are our specialty. Kleer Ice Supplies can supply, install and offer free maintenance to all of our specialty drinks fridges. Why be locked into fixed agreements that dictate what products you can display in your drinks fridge? Take control of your business and showcase the beverages that your customers buy the most.
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As a forward-thinking owner/operator, you know the costs that are involved with regular upright display drink refrigerators maintenance. It’s a task that often takes considerable time and effort to complete. Take the time to discover just how much time and money could be saved with an efficient, self-managing Kleer Ice Supplies upright cold drink fridges.

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Don't stack the odds against you — call today and know you'll always be able to offer refreshing icy cold drinks for your customers.
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