Different Types of Ice

When deciding which ice machine is right for you and your business, the first question to ask is what type of ice you want to come out of it. While ice can, of course, be made in all different shapes and sizes, there are five basic types of ice that are commonly created in ice machines, and each serves a different purpose.

Cubed Ice

When you think of ice, chances are you think of classic ice cubes. This is the standard form of ice for many ice machines and is commonly found in ice dispensers and used in hospitality. The drawbacks to cubed ice is that they use more water and electricity than other forms of ice to create due to the bulky form taking longer to freeze. They are also especially tough on teeth, being hard and sometimes painful to chew.

Ice in drinks

Half Cubed Ice

Move down half a size and you have the half cubed ice. Due to being half the size of normal cubes, these half cubes are quick to freeze, easier to chew, and use less energy to create. They melt faster than full cubes and are frequently used in hospitality.

Gourmet Ice

Coming in a range of shapes is gourmet ice. The difference between regular cubes and this type of ice is the distinct shapes it comes in, often curved on one side. This crescent shape makes the ice melt slower, store more efficiently, and will prevent splashing when liquid is poured over it. Gourmet ice is therefore perfect for cocktails and spirits on the rocks as it wont make the drinks watery.

Nugget Ice

For ice that’s easy to chew, nugget ice is the best option. Because this form of ice is so soft in texture it is easily bitten through, and due to the way it’s formed it also takes up more space. Serving beverages with this ice will not only keep them cooler for longer due to the displacement of the ice, but will also require less of the beverage, saving on costs in the long run.

Crushed Ice

Perfect for snow cones and smoothies, crushed ice adds chewable texture to a drink. This type of ice melts quickly when in liquid so is best used for desserts. It also comes in handy when you need to quickly infuse some coldness into a smoothie without leaving chunks of ice behind.

Crushed ice

Flake Ice

Lastly, we have the ideal ice for keeping food fresh, flake ice. Commonly used to display fresh seafood, meat, and produce, flake ice keeps the food cool and hydrated for longer and more consistently than other forms of ice.

When deciding what ice machine you need, first consider what type of ice you’re after. Whether you are serving up spirits, seafood, or snow cones, ensure you get the right ice for the job. Chat to someone from the Kleer Ice Supplies team about what you need for your event or business, and we’ll be able to guide you towards the right type of ice machine to meet those needs!