5 Essential Questions to Ask When Hiring an Ice Machine

While ice machine hire is a relatively simple process, there are still a few questions you should ask before you settle on a machine. From finding out what type of ice you’re after to making sure you can fit it in your space, these five questions will ensure you get exactly the ice machine you need.

What You Need To Know Before Hiring An Ice Machine

How Much Ice Does It Make?

The most obvious and arguably most important question to ask is how much ice the machine makes and how quickly it makes it. Find out exactly how much ice your business or household needs on a day-to-day basis and ensure the ice machine you hire is up to the job. Though smaller machines may be more affordable, they will be useless to you if they run out of ice by the middle of the day.

What Type of Ice Does it Make?

Different ice machines make different types of ice, and each type of ice serves a different purpose. Do some research on the different types of ice and choose the one that will work best for your needs, then choose an ice machine to match. Check out this article on the Different Types of Ice for more details.

How Much Energy And Water Does It Use?

Energy and water efficiency are both things that greatly vary between different types of ice machines. If the ice machine has a water cooled condenser it will use much more water than an air cooled ice machine. The downside to using air cooled machines is that they are less reliable in high heat, burning through more power and not delivering the best quality product.

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Make sure you check the energy star rating and talk to someone about the benefits and downsides to the different models of ice machines.

How Much Space Does It Need?

If you have a designated spot in mind for your ice machine, make sure you get the exact measurements it needs. This way if it’s too big you can either make room or downsize to a smaller model, avoiding the hassle of taking it back unnecessarily. It is also worth finding out what kind of environment the ice machine functions best in so that you can put it in an appropriate location.

What Happens If It Stops Working?

Lasty, always ask what happens if the ice machine stops working or needs maintenance. For most ice machine hire companies this will be included in the rental fee, but some have caveats that could leave you in the lurch. Know exactly what you are responsible for so that you can make the best decision when hiring your ice machine.

By asking these five questions you can ensure you get exactly the type of ice machine you need. If you have any more questions about ice machine hire, make sure you contact us.