Keeping it cold with ice machines


We supply ice making machines to the Gold Coast, Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and regional Queensland.

We supply ice machines for any business, regardless of how much ice making capacity you need. From 20kg to 1000's of kg of ice cubes per day, we can do it all.


No maintenance fees

You won’t find additional maintenance costs when you rent an ice cube maker from Kleer Ice Supplies. Rest easy — we take care of all maintenance so that you never have to worry about running out of ice cubes.

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Decades of service

For years, we’ve been providing reliable and affordable commercial ice machines, ice flakers, ice cubers and ice makers. We supply major brands, whilst always looking for innovative ways to improve the energy saving efficiency, reduce noise levels and ease the serviceability of our ice making machines.

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Each ice machine is built by world famous manufacturers like Manitowoc, Stuart and Cornellius. Exhaustive compliance and endurance testing are standard to allow us to deliver a range of safe, reliable, ice making appliances that fit your business individual requirements.

You can hire or purchase a wide range of ice makers in all shapes, sizes and brands with daily outputs to match what your business requires. Choose from air, water, or remote air-cooled condenser models that are designed to run quietly and be easy to clean.

Whisper quiet and easy to clean, contact us today for your ice machine hire needs.


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