How to Use Ice in Your Restaurant

We all know that every restaurant needs ice, especially in South East Queensland. Without it the drinks would be average, the food would be off, and your customers would leave unrefreshed and unhappy. It is a small but crucial ingredient in all hospitality businesses and is often overlooked due to how easy it is to make and stock.

Though your restaurant may already be using many of the following icy tips and tricks, there may be one that jumps out at you and changes your business for the better. Here are our top suggestions for how to best use ice in your restaurant.


This one is an obvious one, but also one of the most important. If you run any business where you are serving up cold drinks in Queensland, whether it be the Brisbane CBD or the Sunshine Coast, they aren’t worth their salt if they don’t have ice. The only thing you may not have thought of is the type of ice you need.

Cocktails in a bar

Some places tend to just use nugget ice across the board. This is fine for water and soft drinks, but if you are serving up cocktails and spirits you might want to raise your ice game a little. Go for cubed ice so it will melt slower due to its size and shape, preventing the drink from diluting too quickly. It will also give the patron that familiar clink that is a must-have in a high-quality drink.

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On the Menu

You may not have thought of using ice in the kitchen, but it has some surprisingly tasty uses. By giving your freshly cooked vegetables an ice bath, you are effectively stopping the cooking process in its tracks, keeping the colour and crispness in so that you don’t end up with overcooked vegetables.

Ice can also be used to make a speedy vinaigrette. Mix up your go-to vinaigrette recipe and throw it in a shaker with some ice. The mixture will emulsify quickly and come out tastier than ever.

And for dessert, why not experiment with shaved ice for the summer months? Have a look at Hawaiian Shaved Ice and the Filipino dessert Halo-Halo - they make for delicious and refreshing desserts that are way more exciting than a snow cone.


Our last tip is to display your ice. If your restaurant serves seafood, as many South East Queensland restaurants do, make sure you celebrate that fact! Don’t hide it in the kitchen, lay it out on a bed of ice for a buffet or display. It will make the food look fresh and appetising and give people a visual selection for their meal.

Seafood displayed on ice

If you’re in need of an ice supplier on the Sunshine Coast (or in South East Queensland), then you’re in luck - because that’s us! We specialise in all things ice, so get in touch with the Kleer Ice team today to make sure you have the right ice for your business.